Just about the BLUEST DirecTV photo we could find
DirecTV's oldest customer lives in Mesa, AZ's Desert Sands community.

We have a ‘young lady’, living here on a FIXED income in the Desert Sands golf course, that has a very impressive TV setup.

Alas, she has no channels other than the the so called local channels delivered digitally by our beloved FCC. I have urged her to pursue a DirecTV solution, but her answer has always been,

“John, I have NO money for that!”

Desert Sands Clubhouse

Well here is the beginning of our NEW project for THIS ( website.

Those of you familiar with the United States JayCee’s Planning Guides may reconize this; “Planning Guide” as it unfolds;


  1. To deliver DirecTV to a neighbor at an essentially very low or FREE cost.
  2. To promote the health and welfare of our LOCAL community (Desert Sands Golf Course at Sossaman & Baseline in Mesa, AZ) and to live comfortably among amiable neighbors, eating warm food, sleeping indoors and making NEW friends every day.


  1. As I see it, we are to acquire as many DirecTV account numbers as possible;
  2. Also we need as as many coupons from the DirecTV Billing envelope, the kind that look like an over-sized 100 dollar bill. NOTE: Each DirectTV bill has two coupons!
  3. We (here at will verify that each donation has filled in an actual DirecTV user’s account number on each of these coupons.
  4. As soon as our ¬†numbers indicate we can, ¬†we will install DirecTV at our ‘young lady’s house.
  5. Any remainder in DirecTV coupons will be set aside for another candidate ‘young lady’ or young man candidate.


    1. Get this message out (I plan on using a PHPMail listing from the site);
    2. Publish some business cards with the link to this page, tell all my neighbors;
    3. Make an ad (or two) for this site, 150 X 150 pixel is fine initally, 460X65 Banner later on
    4. Make a QR logo for those of you with iPhones and Android’s.
    5. Link to Twitter and of course a Link to Facebook.
    6. Leave some cards at Circle K @ Sossaman & Baseline Rd, 85209
    7. Send out an email broadcast to authorized ‘opt-in’prospects, on Tuesday and Friday’s.
    8. Ask for a donation, Ask for a Self-Addressed-Stamped-Envelope in order to send ‘Coupon’s’ via our snail mail site here at (7438 E. Baseline Rd., Mesa, AZ 85209).

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