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“Modest in the midst of pride, wise in the midst of folly, calm in the midst of passion, cheerful in the midst of gloom, steadfast among the wavering, bold among the timid, prudent among the rash, generous among the selfish, true among the faithless, greatest among good men and best among the great”

And the democrats ?


Honestly, can you name any significant contribution made by this candidate?

Perhaps being “Secretary of State to Obama” would be a consideration were it not for her total failure as a cabinet official. Concerning the affairs of State, in Libya. She allowed a “friend” (Ambassador Stevens), to be killed to mask a clever plot to send arms to Syria in November 2012. Lying to Ambassador Steven’s parents, with Obama, just 5 days later, as she promised justice for the grieving families.

I suspect that any future Secretary of State will use a “Reset Button” in any future negotiation process.

The future of eMail Server’s used by cabinet officials will NOT include the use of personal server’s. Like the one(s) found lurking in closets far removed from the secure ‘raised floor’ environments of the State Department networking administrators. Lying about this, and the security violations attendant to these actions has been chronicled in the emails she fought for 3 plus years to conceal from investigators. What she did was wrong and against the best interests of the American People.

“Reset Buttons” will once again become computer terms and removed from the political discourse. Not even a woman candidate can elude this farce perpetrated on the American people.

Planned Parenthood will have a day in court and hopefully a ‘Just’ result, will be the result. The American people should NOT fund or otherwise promote illegal activities such as this.

It is a fact that the Democratic Party is weak in ‘new’ membership that John Kerry be named the successor to Hillary’s post. After a total failure in foreign affairs these past 8 years, four more years of a failed democratic leadership would be the ‘END’ of American Leadership all over the world.

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